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Leannteodoro 1 day ago

Miss Potato Head

I absolutely love the Miss Potato Head fries! It's my go to when I want to treat myself. The food is great, the staff members are awesome, and the service is fantastic. I look forward to returning in the future for my friskie fix!

Madore798 12 days ago

Disco Dottie

Came here because im from way up north near canada poutine is big and they have it "disco dottie" it was delicious. The frys were nice and crunchy i didnt even have to ask for them to be that way what a relief love this little spot and i will be back definitely!!!!

Joshy5570 13 days ago

Cluck'n Hot Mess

Best darn fries I've ever had in my life and I have had a ton of fries. No wonder why I'm so big lol. I absolutely love french fries. But thank you for being here. You guys rock.

Kpeacock3198 17 days ago

Miss Potato Head

beyond AMAZING! I have never been disappointed with any of tbe items on the menu!. Amazing customer service!

Brianna 27 days ago

Lil' Piggie

Got this last week, along with the Tiger King special. So delicious! As always, the fries were crispy, the sauce, tasty, and the pork was so fresh and amazing! Worth the almost hour-long drive to get there!!

Raquintyre 27 days ago

Disco Dottie

Nailed it guys! Disco Dottie was THE closest we can get to Canadian poutine in RI. Thanks so much! Piping hot crispy fires, gooey fresh curds and the heartiest gravy south of our northern borders. I say, tres bien, eh?

Matt 27 days ago

Cat'l Call

Excellent fries! A wide variety of toppings and sauces, love this place!

Tatum about 1 month ago

Dirty Daug

Decided to try the dirty daug for the first time and it didn't disappoint. Tasted like I was eating a hot wiener with a side of fries. Would highly recommend. Can not wait to try more dresses fries!

Kef75 about 1 month ago


My pre-theatre dinner of choice. These sophisticated pommes frites are sprinkled with mouthwatering Parmesan cheese, dotted with delectable roasted garlic and garnished with a spritz of olive oil. The combination is a sophisticated masterpiece of perfect golden fry crunch and fabulous flavor!

Framptonclaura about 1 month ago


Absolutely the best fries ever! I have dreams about these fries. These fries keep me up at night. When I have kids they will hear about these fries. If I was on death row I would ask for these fries as my last meal. If I didn't yearn for human connection I would marry these fries. These fries are my religion.

Nikky about 1 month ago

Miss Potato Head

the first time I laid my eyes on a friskie fries truck was during Pride. I'm a fry fanatic, so I was automatically in LOVE. I approached the truck and was having an internal war- WHICH DISH TO PICK?!- I finally decided on Miss Potatoe head w. Extra sour cream.... I placed my order and waited on the side listening to the music and performances.. they finally called my name and I stared at this heavenly thing in my hand adorn with chives, crispy f.cking fries, sprinkled with bacon- oozing with cheese and sour cream. WOW!.... WOW! WOW! It tasted as good as it looked. The fries is what made this unique... it was extraordinarily crispy.. After that experience, I had to have more, and was only able to catch friskie fries at food truck events. Then as time went on- I found out they were opening their FIRST location in downtown Providence, I was so excited counting down the days- like I was the owner itself. I remember one time I messaged their Instagram page asking WHEN the location was opening and found out there was a delay. - but they FINALLY opened. I've been blessed enough to try other dishes and tweak the dishes to my liking... the staff are so pleasing and eager to deliver and make recommendations.... I am happy to hear you open new locations since and see this baby grow into this staple of R.I. I appreciate you all and you have changed the fries game. Cheers (with a French fry) -Nikky N

Jtpur09 about 1 month ago

Friskie Fries

What an incredible idea for a food truck. We absolutely love your food its awesome. So happy we can still get in quarantine

Angeles0018 about 1 month ago

Buck Naked Fries

I always had the curiosity to pass by their colors stand out especially the cat and the name I knew it would be really good. I had the best fries great customer service and the most amazing creamy smoothie when finally my husband went and took me to eat there.

Glamgrammy64 about 1 month ago

Cluck'n Hot Mess

I've had them all! My favorites are Dirty Daug, and cluck n' hot mess! I send everyone there and they are amazed! Never disappointed's walking distance from my house!

Stgoalie11 about 1 month ago


I've tried several different fries off of the friskie fries menu as well as fries from every reasturaunt I've gone to as they are my favorite food. Without hesitation I can say that these are my favorite, especially with the addition of buffalo or barbaque tossed chicken. In addition to the great food the staff is wonderful and really pay attention to the health codes. Friskie fries is the best!!! My favorite place to eat out.

Gillianadduci about 1 month ago

Fowl Play

I am a student at JWU and I always come to Friskie Fries! It is my favorite place to grab a bite with friends! It is so convenient to walk to as. well. My favorite menu item is the fowl play. I had a friend of mine introduce me to fowl play. I get it almost every single time I go. The fries are extra crispy and hot. The sauce and cheese pair perfectly. The chicken is also very crispy and flavorful. The best only at Friskie Fries!!!!

Judiparrish about 1 month ago


I thoroughly enjoyed the Alley Cat. The next time I can get to FF location, I'll tru another nenu item. The fries are great!!

Jmonte1378 12 days ago

Naked Fries

Due to being lactose, I tried the naked fries with buffalo sauce. They were delicious!! Super crispy, hot, with the perfect touch of salt and spice from the sauce. I will definitely be back to try something else on the menu.

Jess 13 days ago

Miss Potato Head

Friskie Fries is my go to for all things: celebrations, stressful days, general hunger. My favorite is the classic Miss Potato Head. The ratio of toppings to fries is always great and they use real bacon, not bacon bits! It's always a win when I get to have Friskie Fries.

Jay8355 15 days ago

Dirty Daug

I live in CT and grew up in RI. I stayed at the casino one night for a car show, happens to be a food truck festival. I was craving fries saw these and had to have a dirty dog because well it is a RI thing. I was so happy with them I paid to get in the next day to get more with my son. Now anytime we go visit family and we cross the border first thing he asks is can we go get fries dad? We have driven a hour which is the nearest one just for fries. So damn good and well worth the drive. .

Afontanez 20 days ago

Cluck'n Hot Mess

AMAZING! If I could rate them 100000 out of 5 I would. Great crispy fries with a hot buffalo sauce and chicken. Can't get any better than that

Punkrockerzoe 27 days ago

Miss Potato Head

The first time i ever had friskie fries was actaully not at a location! I was at the gay pride festival and i have been going ever sense. One of the most amazing places i have ever been to! Who doesnt want a container filled with loaded fries? If anyone has the chance to come to any location, then please do because they always have the best workers and they have some of the best food! Miss potatao head is definetely the best fry! Stay weird friskie fries! We love you! ❤❤❤

Meghan 27 days ago

Lil' Piggie

I'm so happy that I've found Frisky Fries!!! Fries are the all time best, they are crispy and cooked to perfection to hold up to their toppings. Although my husband is a fowl play fan, it's allllll about the piggy for me. The pulled pork is juicy and tender, the wasabi coleslaw isn't overwhelming and then you get the delicious salty fries! I can't get it in my mouth fast enough!

Mgerzevitz about 1 month ago

Miss Potato Head

We love friskie fries and always need to stop at their truck no matter where we go. The fries are incredible and the people are pretty cool too.

Lisah5176 about 1 month ago

Lil' Piggie

Sooo good!! If your looking for something different that is so filling visit Friskie Fries. This is my second time there and both times they didn't disappoint. The lil piggie had pork that had such great flavor and and the slaw was great. Have also had the Mr. Potato head and that was also great tasting.

Renigaldolmt about 1 month ago

Lil' Piggie

I've eaten at the Johnston and Newport location and both were phenomenal! ( Food & staff :) ) We've been following this friskie business before their brick and mortar dreams came true. Any chance i have to recommend to others I surely do! Fast, super fresh, large portions and a great price. You can't beat that. We will continue to get friskie from afar because even a gov shutdown wont keep us from Friskie Fries

Sara7272 about 1 month ago

Disco Dottie

Being from Jersey originally, disco fries (AKA cheesy gravy fries) are one piece of nostalgia that I truly miss from my late night Diner runs. Dsco Dotties is a yummy twist on this Jersey Giirl's staple. Besides, this option, my kids and I have tried quite a few other menu items and the fries are always crispy and hot and pretty much purrrfect!

Jenn about 1 month ago

Cluck'n Hot Mess

The best fries ever!!

Jbradley about 1 month ago

Disco Dottie

As a girl who moved to Rhode Island from Northern Maine, I'm used to eating legit Canadian poutine (sometimes referred to as Disco Fries in the US), and Friskie Fries serves the best I've tasted in America. Delicious gravy, small cheese curds and crispy fries. Great great great stuff!!

Staciemandeville about 1 month ago

Disco Dottie

Totally hits the spot! Disco Dottie is my go to comfort fries. Crispy fries, glorious cheese curds and plenty of brown gravy. Ate it for lunch and didn't need dinner! Frylicious! x

Sara about 1 month ago

Miss Potato Head

Miss Potato Head is our favorite Friskie Fry! Service & food is always on point. 5/5 stars ... there's not much else to say!

Melissamedeiros30 about 1 month ago


First time my boyfriend and I tried the alleycat we fell in love with it. The yummy garlic infused oil with the Parmesan cheese is such a good flavor mixture you will become addicted. We have also added some buffalo tossed chicken on top and it has become our favorite. Friskie Fries is definitely a favorite of ours whether at the restaurant or the food truck we love you guys and your fries!!

Aliileamommy about 1 month ago

Cat'l Call

Theses were fabulous

Jenelleannx3 about 1 month ago


Best fries in town. Staff were so nice and friendly even during this pandemic. Definitely recommend!!


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