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Cluck'n Hot Mess


Crispy Chicken
Buffalo Sauce
Blue Cheese Dressing
Blue Cheese Crumbles

Change your fry?:Skinny Dipper +$1Waffle Fry (Stealth) +$1Sweet Cheeks +$1
Add Protein $ (Optional):Beef Chili +$2Bacon +$2Chicken +$3Steak +$4Pulled Pork +$3Weiners +$1.50Meat Sauce +$2
Add Cheese $ (Optional):Cheese Sauce +$1Curds +$2.50Mozzarella +$1Parm +$1Shredded Cheddar +$1Bleu Cheese Dressing +$0.50Bleu Cheese Crumble +$0.50
Add Extra Savory $ (Optional):Carlic Oil +$0.50Gravy +$1.50Sour Cream +$1Wasabi Slaw +$0.50Marinara +$1Pepper Rings +$0.50
Add Sauce $ (Optional):Sriracha +$0.50Buffalo +$0.50Honey Mustard +$0.50Mayo +$0.50Boom Boom +$0.50Ranch +$0.50Bleu Cheese +$0.50Horseradish +$0.50BBQ +$0.50Sweet Chili +$0.50Mango Habanero +$0.50Secret Weapon (Garlic Soy Sauce) +$0.50Flipp'n Chicken +$0.50Teriyaki +$0.50Brew House Mustard +$0.50
Rub it Down $ (Optional):Cajun Rub +$1Mojito Lime Rub +$1BBQ Rub +$1Old Bay Rub +$1
Oil It Up - Essential Oils $ (Optional):Basil Oil +$0.50Rosemary Oil +$0.50Jalapeno Oil +$0.50CBD (must be 18+) +$6


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