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Chicken & Sticks


A Bucket of our Naked Fries and a bucket of our Crispy Chicken. Along with 2 large sides of your favorite sauces and 2 large orders of your favorite savory sides.

Family Sauces Choose 2:BBQ sauce Boom Boom sauce Buffalo sauce Chicken Dippin Chunky Blue Cheese Honey Mustard Brew Pub Mustard Horseradish Mango Habanero Mayo Ranch Red Curry Secret Weapon Siracha Sweet Chili Teriyaki
Family Sauces:BBQ sauce +$1.50Boom Boom sauce +$1.50Buffalo sauce +$1.50Chicken Dippin +$1.50Chunky Blue Cheese +$1.50Honey Mustard +$1.50Brew Pub Mustard +$1.50Horseradish +$1.50Mango Habanero +$1.50Mayo +$1.50Ranch +$1.50Red Curry +$1.50Secret Weapon +$1.50Siracha +$1.50Sweet Chili +$1.50Teriyaki +$1.50
Family Sides Choose 2:Cheese Sauce Bacon Chili Gravy
Family Sides:Bacon +$4Cheese Sauce +$4Chili +$4Gravy +$4